Model# 08801
  • Even pressure and control
  • Blade retracts below the reference face
  • Main Shaft machined from Project 70+ Stainless Steel
  • 1/2" detents on the main shaft
  • Fine adjustment from 1/16" to 1/256"
  • Easy to see and read site window
Product Description
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We are inspired by woodworkers to reach higher when developing new tools. Marking gauges have been a common tool in the workshop for a very long time, and they really haven't changed much. JessEm's Wood Sabre Marking Gauge changed all that.

It's unique base allows for even pressure and control from 1" to 6". The beveled blade made from A2 tool steel and hardened to 60RC retracts neatly below the 3" stainless steel reference face when not in use. Having a larger reference face allows for it to sit 1/4" below the blade enabling and effortless slide across the stock.

The main shaft, made from 3/8" Project 70+ Type 303 Stainless Annealed Precision Drawn Steel is engraved with detents in 1/2" increments. We also added a fine micro adjuster. The fine adjustment is at 1/16" per revolution and the graduated collar allows you to adjust down to 1/256th. We added an easy to see site window on the face of the gauge referenced at 1/16" and allow you to see the setting of your blade. Once you have your desired position, simply lock the stainless steel knob and begin your work.
Prior to shipping each Wood Sabre is calibrated for for accuracy and the blades are honed to a sharp edge ready for scribing.

Replacement Blade for Marking Gauge
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