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Tools That Make a Difference

Feather boards are a great tool for holding your stock and preventing kickback, but they do have their limitations. Now there is an option with no limitations. Clear- Cut™Stock Guides.

Machined out of high quality stainless steel and anodized aluminum, the Wood Sabre design allows for even pressure and control from 0 up to 6”.


The Mite-R-Slide™ is a unique new miter gauge accessory for the router table. Designed to be mounted to the backside of the Mast-R-Fence II™ and slide smoothly across the table on a polished steel bar positioned above the fence.

Faster than stacking set-up blocks and far more accurate than a ruler. JessEm's new Tool-Setting Gauge will quickly become an indispensible tool in your shop.

Paralign Feather Boards™ Why struggle to adjust your feather boards parallel to your work. Paralign feather boards lock firmly in place then you adjust them for the right tension on your workpiece.

Fence Stop for JessEm and Mast-R-Fence II™.

Digital Readout for Mast-R-Lift Excel II. Digital accuracy for JessEm's top of the line router table.

4 Piece Tab-Loc™ Multiple Size Inserts Rings. Featuring JessEm's innovative Tab-Loc™ design, these insert rings lock in place with a quarter turn of the ring. Made of glass filled polycarbonate, their tough enough to endure day to day use and can be easily machined with your router bit.

Insert Ring Wrench for 02025 and 02026 Insert Rings.