Phenolic Mast R Top
Model# 03006

The ultimate table top material for todays hi-tech woodworking machinery is our laminated phenolic. Phenolic is one of the strongest, most stable and durable materials available for an industrial strength work surface.


Our table top is 3/4” thick and will not warp, sag, swell or corrode. Phenolic is the step up material for todays woodworking pros and virtually renders melamine an obsolete option for long term professional use.


The Mast-R-Top is available pre-machined for our Rout-R-Lift II™, Mast-R-Lift II™ or our Rout-R-Plate™.


The underside is also pre-drilled for our NEW TA Fence, the NEW ALTS Stand, our Mast-R-Fence II™and Rout-R-Table Stand. All Mast-R-Top’s have an extruded aluminum track with a t-slot for standard 1/4” hex head bolts or hex nuts and standard 3/4” miter slot.


New extruded aluminum track with 1/4” t-slot for your accessories and standard 3/4” miter track.

Mast-R-Top for Mast-R-Lift II™, Rout-R-Lift II™ and Rout-R-Plate™ 24” X 32” With 9-1/4” X 11-3/4” Cutout For Insert Plate.

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