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Mortise and Tenon joinery has long been considered the supreme form of joinery by makers of fine woodwork. When it comes to long lasting strength and quality of craftsmanship nothing else will do. Here is an innovative new system that makes mortise and tenon joinery faster, safer, easier and for less cost than most alternative M & T systems available.

The Zip Slot comes with 3/8" mortising drill bit, 3/8" bearing guided bushing, instructional DVD and 5 pre-cut 3/8" tenons.

The Zip Slot Mortise Mill utilizes a bearing guided drill bushing mounted into a carriage assembly. The carriage slides back and forth on two shafts while guiding a hand drill equipped with a special mortising drill bit. The drill bit is inserted into the bushing and forms a rigid support that acts as a spindle assembly and allows you to easily mill clean, crisp slot mortises in hard and soft woods.

The jig effectively turns your hand drill into a milling machine for cutting slot mortises up to 3-1/2" long. The model # 8100 Zip Slot Mortise Mill comes with a 3/8" bearing mounted drill guide bushing and a 3/8" mortising drill bit.

The Mortise Mill is designed to be mounted to a work bench and the top plate can also be removed and clamped directly to the workpiece. A stock locating block on the front of the base, allows accurate positioning of the workpiece for milling repeatable slot mortises in two opposing positions.

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