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The Mite-R-Slide™ is a unique new miter gauge accessory for the router table. Designed to be mounted to the backside of the Mast-R-Fence II™ or the Rout-R-Fence™ and slide smoothly across the table on a polished steel bar positioned above the fence. This innovative accessory is engineered to perform precision machined square or angled cope cuts, crosscuts and other end milling operation with renewed  accuracy on a router table. The Mite-R-Slide™ offers greatly improved performance and increased precision over similar cuts made with a miter gauge travelling in a single miter track in the tabletop.

Built from precision machined 6061 aluminum components anodized in red and black and the gauge rides on a 3/4" chrome plated shaft. The Mite-R-Slid™ features a robust industrial design and is engineered for long-term professional use. The miter gauge rotates 45 degrees in both directions and features positive detents every five degrees, including 22-1/2 degree positions. Click onto your desired angle and lock it in with a twist of our heavy duty handle, machines from solid aluminum with a knurled grip and red anodized finish.

The Mite-R-Slide™ gauge rotates 45 degrees left or right.




The fence on the miter gauge features a heavy duty aluminum extrusion with a T-Track along the top face for attaching different types of hold down accessories. The fence also slides in second T-Track located on the backside to position the fence flush to the router table's fence at various angles. The fence locks into position easily with the twist of two solid knobs and includes a replaceable sub-fence made of solid phenolic. The Mite-R-Slide™ can also be rolled up over the bar and positioned behind the fence when not in use. You will experience tighter fitting joints from the accuracy of this well designed product. 

The Mite-R-Slide™ gauge flips out of your way when not in use.

The Mite-R-Slide™ gauge is exceptionally engineered with pre-set dentent locations every 5 degrees and also at 22-1/2" degrees in both directions. The detents and the indicator block on the Mite-R-Slide™ are both adjustable to ensure accuracy. The heavy duty locking handle confidently secures the gauge in position.

Components on The Mite-R-Slide™ are CNC machined and anodized red and black. Heavy duty construction is typical of the all components on the Mite-R-Slide™.

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